Initialize spaCy to call from R.

spacy_initialize(model = "en", python_executable = NULL,
  virtualenv = NULL, condaenv = NULL, ask = FALSE,
  refresh_settings = FALSE, save_profile = FALSE, check_env = TRUE,
  entity = TRUE)



Language package for loading spaCy. Example: en (English) and de (German). Default is en.


the full path to the Python executable, for which spaCy is installed


set a path to the Python virtual environment with spaCy installed Example: virtualenv = "~/myenv"


set a path to the anaconda virtual environment with spaCy installed Example: condalenv = "myenv"


logical; if FALSE, use the first spaCy installation found; if TRUE, list available spaCy installations and prompt the user for which to use. If another (e.g. python_executable) is set, then this value will always be treated as FALSE.


logical; if TRUE, spacyr will ignore the saved settings in the profile and initiate a search of new settings.


logical; if TRUE, the current spaCy setting will be saved for the future use.


logical; check whether conda/virtual environment generated by spacyr_istall() exists


logical; if FALSE is selected, named entity recognition is turned off in spaCy. This will speed up the parsing as it will exclude ner from the pipeline. For details of spaCy pipeline, see The option FALSE is available only for spaCy version 2.0.0 or higher.