From an object parsed by spacy_parse(), extract the multi-word noun phrases as a separate object, or convert the multi-word noun phrases into single "token" consisting of the concatenated elements of the multi-word noun phrases.

nounphrase_extract(x, concatenator = "_")

nounphrase_consolidate(x, concatenator = "_")



output from spacy_parse()


the character(s) used to join elements of multi-word noun phrases


noun returns a data.frame of all named entities, containing the following fields:

  • doc_id name of the document containing the noun phrase

  • sentence_id the sentence ID containing the noun phrase, within the document

  • nounphrase the noun phrase

  • root the root token of the noun phrase

nounphrase_consolidate returns a modified data.frame of parsed results, where the noun phrases have been combined into a single "token". Currently, dependency parsing is removed when this consolidation occurs.


if (FALSE) {

# entity extraction
txt <- "Mr. Smith of moved to San Francisco in December."
parsed <- spacy_parse(txt, nounphrase = TRUE)
if (FALSE) {
# consolidating multi-word noun phrases
txt <- "The House of Representatives voted to suspend aid to South Dakota."
parsed <- spacy_parse(txt, nounphrase = TRUE)